Fic: With Experience Come Rewards
China 09
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Title: With experience come rewards.
Rating: Very NC-17
Pairing(s): Christian Horner/Mark Webber implied Mark Webber/Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner/Dietrich Mateschitz .
Summary: Lots of smut and some post-sex chat.
Disclaimer: A work of fiction, no harm or libel intended.
A/N: For this request: Mark Webber/Christian Horner: 'on balance, Mark's found that experience brings more enjoyable rewards - even if youthful innocence is fun (for a while)'.

Their lips clashed together, the action was not aggressive but nether was it tender. Mark’s strong hands were pressing his boss’s shoulders into the wall, a faint hint of pain that was overwhelmed by lust. Christian wasn’t happy with this feeling of vulnerability, his tongue fighting a losing battle to regain dominance, but he didn’t want it to end. Resigned to the fact that Mark had won this fight for power, he began undressing him, painfully slowly undoing Mark’s shirt one button at a time. When the older man reached the bottom of the shirt he slipped his hand down the front of Mark’s lose-fitting jeans, gripping his cock firmly with feather-light touches to the head with his thumb. At that moment their lips broke apart - staying within millimetres of each other -and a groan escaped the Australian’s mouth. His grip on Christian’s shoulders loosened, losing some of the dominance he’d had so much of just moments before.

“God…” was the only thing that Mark could utter, because Christian had pressed a little harder on the head of his cock, his thumb gently toying with the sensitive slit. The rest of the sentence was drowned out by a guttural moan. The Englishman rested his free hand on Mark’s – now bear – chest, pushing him gently. That gentle push was all that was needed for Mark to begin moving towards the bed.

Their lips met again when they reached the edge, this time Christian had the upper hand and his tongue delved deep into the younger man’s mouth. Knowing that it would be a lot easier to remove Mark’s jeans standing up, he slowly pulled his hand out and set to work on his belt. Mere seconds later Mark’s clothes were in an untidy pile on the floor, and the taller man was pushed down onto the bed. Christian took a second to admire the sight that lay before him, impressed with himself for turning the tables so quickly. Smiling, he got onto the bed, still fully clothed and – unable to resist – he kissed Mark again. The Australian made a disgruntled noise when Christian didn’t undress, but soon he couldn’t care less, because the older man’s kisses when down his torso. Butterfly kisses went up the underside of Mark’s cock, and then a tongue toyed with the slit in the head, mirroring what Christian’s thumb had done before. Mark’s head fell back onto the pillow; his fingers weaving into his boss’s neatly combed hair.

The tiniest of scrapes of the teeth around the head was enough to force an unnaturally loud moan from the Australian. Mark bit his lip, not too keen on the whole hotel hearing the noises. Christian looked up to see this and he groaned, pulling away very slightly, just enough so he could speak.

"No, I want to hear you," The Englishman said in a heavy voice. Mark felt the older man's breath against his cock and moaned, with no attempt to hold it back. Christian smiled and took Mark fully into his mouth, flicking his tongue on the head once more. The younger man's hands clenched in Christian's hair as teeth gently nibbled at the base of his cock. After what seemed like a lifetime of teasing, the Englishman sucked hard on his mouthful, repeatedly bobbing his head. The younger man came almost immediately, after all the teasing it was inevitable. Christian swallowed the come quickly.

"My mouth was full of your come and yet you're still hard, impressive," Christian laughed.

Mark smiled. The older man got off the bed and began to undress slowly. The Australian watch his boss with his mouth slightly open, the sight only added to his arousal and he began to stroke his cock.

Christian smiled when he had removed all of his clothes, picking up a small bottle and moving to straddle Mark's hips. The older man lent down to kiss his lover, the kiss was slow and deep, interspersed by soft groans. When they broke apart, Christian poured some lubricant onto his fingers. Mark frowned, but it vanished when the older man pushed two digits inside himself, preparing his channel for Mark. The Australian groaned as he watched, getting ever harder. Christian moaned as he scissored his fingers inside himself, an aroused flush settling on his pale cheeks.

Mark was starting to pant as he watched Christian's face get more flushed, hearing the faint moans falling from his boss's mouth. When the Englishman removed his fingers, Mark grabbed hold of him, pushing him onto his back. He quickly moved on top of Christian, pushing his legs apart. The older man wrapped his legs around Mark's waist. When the Australian entered him, Christian breathed in sharply then let out a long, loud moan. The tight heat that Mark felt around him was unbearably good that he started pushing in and out immediately. The thrusts were hard, inspiring a loud moan every time Mark hit Christian's prostate. Soon the pace sped up, each man as desperate for release as the other.

"Mark," Christian blurted out in a breathless voice. The Australian knew exactly what he wanted and wrapped his hand around his boss's throbbing member. Mark stroked him hard in the same rhythm that he was thrusting into him. The Englishman's muscles started to spasm, clenching around Mark's cock. Both men began to freefall at more or less the same time, clinging onto each other. The younger man spilled into Christian just as he came violently into Mark’s hand.

Panting, the Australian rolled off Christian and lay down next to him. The Englishman quickly nestled in against Mark’s shoulder, an arm draped across his toned stomach and the younger man put his arms around his boss.

"Christian, you were amazing," Mark said when he caught he breath.

"Was just about to say the same about you," Christian smiled.

"No, really, how were you so good?"

"Experience I guess, I've had to bend over for a few people to get to where I am today." The Englishman shrugged. "Knowing how to suck cock was useful."

"Who?" Mark sounded slightly shocked, "sorry, you don't have to tell me."

"It's alright," Christian smiled, "There was a few people in formula 3000 and Dietrich."

"Dietrich? Really? What was that like?" The younger man frowned.

"Kind of painful," he laughed, "he's not exactly a small guy."

"Aww Christian, I had no idea," Mark pulled his boss closer. "When did he do it?"

"He was showing me round the factory when the team first started, and we were in my - soon to be - office." Christian sighed. "he bent me over the desk and fucked me then and there."

"Oh, but why?"

"Because," Christian started, "can we stop talking about this now?"

"Of course, sorry," Mark looked down at the older man to see that he was blushing.

"Clearly all that stuff made you very talented," The younger man smiled. "Playful innocence is overrated, it was much better with you then with Seb."

"You and Seb?" Christian snorted.

"Yeah, it wasn't serious or anything,"

"Hmmm, interesting." The older man mused.


"Maybe a bit of innocence could be fun," Christian winked.

"I think I know what you’re hinting at," Mark laughed, "and I love it!"

"Excellent, now, sleep I think,"

The two snuggled up closer and were soon asleep.

Fic: Melt [Kimi/Fernando/Robert]
China 09
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Title: Melt
Pairings: Kimi/Fernando/Robert, also featuring Felipe
Rating: Black Flag/NC-17
Disclaimer: Totally untrue. This is a work of fiction and no offence is intended.
Notes: The author has added a fourth person to the original prompt.

Set post-Malaysia GP 2009

Felipe nods a hello as Kimi opens his hotel room door, pauses slightly before walking in. The room is dim, save for the flickering light of the TV that’s showing some football match. Felipe isn’t sure what. He surveys the rest of the room, it’s typical of the many he sees in his job. Identikit beds, furniture, lampshades. It looks just like his own, only a few doors down, except that strangely, Kimi’s is tidier. There’s no clothes strewn over the bed, no signs that someone has been sleeping here for the last 4 nights. What there is, however, is 4 shot glasses on the table, and a bottle of something clear and definitely alcoholic sitting innocently beside it. Felipe raises an eyebrow and slides his hand down the side, the heat from his palm melting its icy coating. They both look at it for a second and Felipe isn’t sure what to say.

“Koskenkorva,” Kimi eventually states. “It’s like vodka.”

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Fic: Man's Best Friend (Nico/Nels)
China 09
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The F1 Slash Anonymous Kink Meme!
China 09
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